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What is NichePage? by sammy

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hey Everyone,

So after taking a look at our homepage, some people still wanted a little more information about what exactly we aim to do. NichePage is a startup that provides an online shopping network where you can create a page about a line of products that you're familiar with and teach shoppers what to look for when buying a product online.

The best way to explain this is by example. So lets say you're a photographer and know a lot about cameras. You can create a page about DSLR cameras and explain to people the important aspects to take into account when shopping for a DSLR camera. Some examples could be megapixels, zoom, lens compatibility, size and so on. You then suggest products from Amazon on your niche and shoppers can use the information they gathered to choose the right camera. For every camera purchased through your niche you earn money through amazons affiliate program.

The point of the website is to create a place where people can share their knowledge about products and shoppers can learn and shop all in one place. 

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