Best George Foreman Grill

Best George Foreman Grill

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My Experience

I have been buying George Foremans since good ol George was born. I am a grilling enthusiast and when you don't want to fire up the grill everyday then you tend to find alternative ways to grill. Well, theres no better way than the king of indoor grilling, the George Foreman. I have owned most models of these grills and know which ones are worth buying as well as why they are worth buying. 


Size refers to how big the grill plate is. It goes without saying that the larger the grill plate is, the more food you can cook. If you're only cooking for yourself then it is much easier to manage and clean a grill with a smaller grill plate not to mention that it takes up significantly less counter space. If you have a family or want to grill food for many days then you should go with a larger grill plate. The plate sizes can range from 36-144 square inches. The 36 inch grill will fit approx. 2 burger patties while the 144 will fit around 4 large chicken breasts. 


Most George Foremans do not have temperature control. These grills will maintain a temperature of around 375-400 degrees at their hottest state which is a perfect temp. for grilling. If you do decide that you want temperature control, there are a few models that come with this feature. Remember, the reason George Foremans do not have this is because 400 degrees is the optimal temp. level for most foods such as chicken, steak, burgers, vegetables, and fish (wrapped in foil).


The biggest complaint I've heard from people over the years is that the shy away from using George Foremans because of the hassle it is to clean. They complain about not being able to fit the plates in the dishwasher or that the unit gets grease everywhere or that the food sticks and burns on to the plate making it a chore to scrub away at. Newer designs have come a long way in terms of ease and cleanliness. Most grill plates come with a nonstick coating and are easier than ever to remove and throw into the dishwasher.


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