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My Experience

If you’re like me, you may be the most loving parent in the world yet could still use a break every now and then. It may even be that you simply have other things around the house that need to be done and can’t be by your baby’s side 24/7. That’s why I began looking into a quality baby monitor when we had our last child, so that I could be in another room while being able to know what was going on with my child. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with many of the baby monitors that I tried.

It is hard enough responding to your unhappy baby in the middle of the night without being irritated by your baby monitor on top of it (think static and feedback noises combined with crying)! For my money, the one that I found to be the best value was the Motorola MBP36, which could quite possibly be the best baby monitor on the market. 


There are a variety of baby monitors available in a wide price range, so it is important for you to determine the features that are right for you. The different models range in price from $20 to more than $300. It is important to not buy one overloaded with features that you will not use. For example, if a screen to view your baby with night vision capability is important to you, the MBP36 has an infrared camera and a beautiful LCD screen. Other models are not so heavily equipped, such as the MBP33, which has a less advanced camera and screen with a correspondingly lower price tag. 

For my money, it was important for me to view my baby in the dark to make sure that nothing was wrong and the high resolution made me more confident in what I was seeing. If you are more worried about responding when the baby wakes up, or if your child sleeps with a nightlight, the MBP20 will probably meet your needs. Click on the baby monitors listed to the right to see what features they offer! 


The next most important feature that distinguishes the different model baby monitors is their dependability. The Motorola Company, ever since introducing their signature product in the Quasar television, has had a history of building deeply dependable machines. Going with another competitor, such as the cheaper Samsung or VTech, is a decision that you may regret. The lower priced baby monitor that I bought before the Motorola didn’t even last a week before it shorted out, and another one just froze on one image and stayed there until rebooted almost every night. The thing that the Motorola models have in common is their dependability that is the hallmark of the company. So, when browsing the different models, keep an eye on the ratings from customers and look for any indications that the product is not dependable. If you see any indication that a customer had problems with the use of the product, it is probably a red flag that a cheaper price may go hand in hand with an inferior product.


One of the most underrated things when it comes to selecting baby monitors, is the style of the product. Some will say that is silly because it just sits there in the dark, so who cares what it looks like, however is more important than you think. A certain monitor may not be appropriate because of excessive size or bulk, while another may be an ugly color. There is no reason to go with a baby monitor that ruins the decor of your child’s room or is overly large and conspicuous. One product that I tried was puke green and every time I looked at it, all that I could think about was how much it clashed with the colors in my baby’s room. You do not want – nor do you need - that distraction. Some Motorola models come in different colors and have nice LCD screens that make them look more aesthetically pleasing, and it is important to consider the look of the screen that you will be monitoring from your own bedroom. It is up to you to determine how important the look of the monitor is for own aesthetic tastes, yet it is still an important consideration when determining what is the best baby monitor for you.


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