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Best Electric Kettles

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My Experience

The importance of boiled water cannot be understated. Whether you are trying to make a simple cup of tea or disinfecting water when stranded on an island (god forbid this ever happens), we could all use the convenience that an electric kettle can offer. I am personally a tea fanatic and must consume at least 3 cups of tea today. Naturally, I need an electric kettle that will do everything I need it to. I have been through at least a dozen kettles and can tell you which kettles work, why they work, and where to buy them from. To the right, you will find the products that have the highest sales and most positive reviews. Sit back, relax, and let the learning process begin by reading the most comprehensive electric kettle review blog there is.


The size of an electric kettle is one of the most important considerations one must make when in the market for a kettle. Are you a single man or woman that occasionally drinks tea or are you a managing a family of 15 tea addicts? Are you boiling water for the purpose of hot drinks or are you using the water to get a quick start on the rice you are making for dinner?

Tea kettles come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from kettles that boil only a few cups of water to ones that can boil up to three liters. Most good quality kettles will have measurement lines on the outside that will tell you how much water you currently have inside. Make sure you choose one that has these because knowing how much water you are boiling can come in handy when precision is needed. Also, don't forget about the weight of a large kettle when it is filled with water. They can quickly become heavy and if you are elderly, these might become very uncomfortable very fast. Dive in for some pictures and additional information. 

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Material is in my opinion, the most important thing one should look for when buying an electric tea kettle. How does material make a difference? Well, the material used can effect the taste of the water, how fast the water boils, weight, and insulation. There are three major materials used to manufacture electric kettles: glass, stainless steel, and plastic. There is a large school of thought that claims plastic boilers leave a chemically taste in the water and can have negative health effects. Below, I will list the pros and cons of each.

Plastic: Pros- Plastic is cheap, lightweight, and is great at remaining cool enough to touch. Cons- May leave a chemically taste in the water and is rumored to have negative health effects.

Stainless Steel:Pros- No known negative health effects, cool to the touch if insulated well, no chemical taste, robust/strong construction.Cons- Heavy, may leave a slight metallic taste if the water is left for a long time in boiler.

Glass:Pros- Best material for most natural tasting water, ability to see the water throughout all stages of the boiling cycle.Cons- Very heavy, fragile, not very common/difficult to find at local retailers.

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Handle And Base

The handle and base are tow aspects of a boiler that add to the ease of use and comfort of the person pouring water. Having a handle that is ergonomically optimized for pouring will keep the operator from being burned by the steam that escapes from the handle. Also, certain handles are designed to better distribute the weight when holding and this can greatly decrease arm strain, especially among the heavier boilers. Dive in for some pictures.

When it comes to the base, having a boiler that can detach is a great plus. The best of quality boilers will always have  it so that the pitcher can be removed form the heating base. Not only is this safer but it is much more convenient than having a wire permanently attached.

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Each electric kettle has its own set of features and depending on your use and budget you may find that you only need a simple one function kettle or you might be better off with a multi function kettle. Some of the more modern technically advanced kettles have features such as a thermostat, stay cool handles, locking lids, auto shut off, preset temp. settings, and concealed power cords. Dive in below to see a diagram of the many features a kettle may have.

The few features I believe are important are the following: safety thermostat, on light, stay cool handle, and water level indicator. These are the features I believe every kettle MUST have. Also, don't forget about how many watts the kettle you are interested in has. The more watts, the more power, and the more power, the faster the boiling speed. Try and choose one that is over 1000 watt so you dont grow old and die while waiting for your water to boil.

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