Best Stand Mixer For Bread

Best Stand Mixer For Bread

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My Experience

I used to think that buying the most expensive stand mixer for bread would solve all my problems.

I was wrong.

Price is one of the essential factors to consider when shopping for stand mixers, but you need to consider other elements, too. Over the years, I’ve learned what does and doesn’t make a stand mixer suitable for a particular person, and I’m more than happy to share it with you in this guide.

It’s my hope you can avoid the same mistakes that I did and consequently save yourself from the unnecessary stress and expense of buying a kitchen device that you absolutely have no use for. As long as you keep in mind the guidelines below, you’re sure to come home with a stand mixer that will last long, is easy to use, and – best of all – worth every dollar you spent on it!


When it comes to stand mixers, power is not just about the speed in which the machine can mix its contents. Power mainly has to do with the maximum number of cups it can accommodate in a single cycle or use. Portable, compact, and the smallest mixers can only handle about 6 cups of flour (or another ingredient) while the largest can handle up to 20 cups.

Brand And Reliability

The two typically goes hand in hand since the most established names often offer the best services in terms of warranty as well as post-sales customer support. Reliability also has a lot to do with the actual construction and design of the machine. You need to make sure the materials used are of superb quality and thus likely to last long.

Ease Of Use

Some – but thankfully not all – of the most expensive stand mixers for bread are suitable for professional use only. If you are new to kneading dough and it’s your first time to use a stand mixer, it’s best to look for models that are particularly famous for being beginner-friendly. This way, you won’t end up buying a machine that’s only pretty to look at but impossible to use.


Always buy only what you can afford. If you really have your heart set on the most expensive stand mixer for bread, that’s all right – if you can wait for the right time to buy it. Even if you have money to spare, it’s better to be more financially practical with your choice and choose the model that will offer the most value for your money.


The overall size is especially important if you don’t have enough available room left in your kitchen for a new device. Size will matter as well if you travel a lot and prefer to have all your culinary gadgets with you. Lastly, do consider the size of the mixing bowl as well. The bigger it is, the more ingredients it can handle.


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