Best Water Filter Pitcher Or Dispenser

Best Water Filter Pitcher Or Dispenser

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My Experience

How many of you live in an area where tap water has a gross odor or taste? Thankfully we live in a world where there are solutions to very important problems such as this. If your water’s taste and odor is not very pleasing, you need a water filter. I have found that not all water filters are created equal and they do not have the same National Science Foundation (NSF) certifications. Furthermore, depending on what your specific needs are, whether it is to remove bad taste and odor or to remove contaminants such as: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and MTBEs, the type of water filter you use is imperative!

The law requires water suppliers to publish annual consumer confidence reports. If you are suspicious of harmful chemicals or bacteria in your water supply you should do more research to be 100% sure what type of water filter you need. A good place to start would be to call your local water supplier for a report.

Pitcher or dispenser type water filters are great if you are interested in improving odor and taste; especially if you are a renter and can not install permanent filters in your home. You may opt to have a water filter installed to your faucet or under your sink if you would like to avoid the inconvenience of having to refill a water pitcher or dispenser.

My suggested products offer the best of what’s offered and really do stand out among the rest!

Pitcher Size

Depending on the model, most water filter pitchers hold five to ten cups of water. If you are looking for a filter that will hold more water, I suggest a water filter dispenser; they can hold up to 18 cups of water at a time and dispense the water through a spigot.

If you plan on keeping your water filter in your fridge I recommend checking it’s dimensions to insure it will fit and/or will not take to much space.

Dispensers are great if you plan on housing your water filter in your fridge because they offer a low boxy profile making it ideal to place on a shelf; it is slightly inconvenient if you are pouring multiple glass of water for guests making a pitcher much easier to use under these circumstances. 

Availability And Price Of Filters

When considering a water filter, keep in mind that the maintenance far offsets the initial cost. Water filters are very reasonable but the replacement filters are a little expensive.

To estimate the annual cost of owning a water filter pitcher, compare how frequently the manufacture recommends replacing the water filter. For your convenience I have calculated the estimated annual maintenance of each water filter based on the recommended 8 cups (64 OZ) of water one person should drink a day; this translates to 182.5 gallons per person a year! Click on each product on the right of each page to compare these values.

Some filters you may have to purchase online because they do not offer them in store; be sure to include possible shipping charges when calculating the annual cost of owning a water filter. If you are an amazon prime customer this may not apply to you! =)

Filter Replacement Indicator

Some water filters offer extra features. One feature that is especially sought after by most consumers is an indicator light that tells the user when to replace the filter. After all an over used filter will not effectively clean water. It is very easy to forget when to replace the filter. Thus, I highly recommend purchasing a filter with some sort of indicator light!

However, some manufactures offer better methods to estimate when a water filter should be replaced. For example, the clear2O has an electronic filter replacement indicator light that measures actual water usage. Some owners describe other methods of measuring water usage useless because some water filters do not measure actual water usage but just simply count down two months. Click on each product badge to see how each filter measures water usage. 


You should look for water filters that are certified by organizations that have conducted independent studies such as the national science foundation (NSF) and water Quality Association (WQA). How ever not all claims can be verified. Pur, forexample, claims that their two-stage water filter can reduce twelve common pharmaceuticals by 96%. I have not found an independent study that verifies the veracity of their claim; nevertheless this does not mean it is not true. Click on each product badge to see independent studies that verify the manufactures claims. 


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